Easy Ways To Do Laminate Flooring Cleaning

Easy Ways To Do Laminate Flooring Cleaning
Easy Ways To Do Laminate Flooring Cleaning

Although many stated the laminate flooring cleaning is more durable than the hardwood, it still needs to get laminate flooring cleaning regularly. The reason is to prevent any damage that may happen in the time being. Because once it got damaged, it should get whole replace. Not to mention, doing the laminate flooring cleaning is not a hard task to do. There are easy ways to do laminate flooring cleaning you can try, here they are:

1. Clean Water Spill Right Away

An easier way in the laminate flooring cleaning is to clean any water spill immediately after the incident. Even if the laminate flooring manufacturer gives warranty of water resistance surface, the bad stuff may still happen. Who knows if the water wouldn’t enter between the gaps of the plank. When the water entered and seeped in the underneath layer, the flooring can root.

2. Regular Cleaning

The best maintaining for laminate flooring is by regular cleaning. By doing the laminate flooring cleaning, you can prevent any damage that may occur. Not to mention, you only need minimal work such as sweep or wipe the floor. You may also vacuum the floor just like any other flooring surface. That way your flooring wouldn’t look dull because of the accumulated dust and dirt.

3. It’s Safer to Use Mop

If the regular cleaning such as sweeping and vacuuming wouldn’t do, then you may try to mop it. But you have to remember for moping in laminate flooring cleaning, don’t use the heavy-wet mop. The reason is that the water could enter between the planks. And once it seeped through the underneath layer, you would get more problem other than the dirty floor.

4. Avoid Soap and Detergent

In doing the laminate flooring cleaning, you should avoid using soap and detergent. The reason is that the active component in soap and detergent can scrap your laminate flooring surface. Although it said as a water-resistant material, once the surface scraped it can rot easily. The worst damage you can endure is to replace for the whole flooring.

5. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaner

Just like the previous point, the surface layer of laminate flooring is thin. Although it has a hard texture, it can easily get scrapped off with abrasive cleaner. Aside from that, the steel wool is also dangerous for laminate flooring cleaning. Also, you should avoid the cleaners with ammonia and chlorine for the laminate flooring. Once the surface couldn’t protect the underneath layer from water and air, then get prepared to fund for the new flooring.

6. Use Plastic Scrapper for Sticky Spot

It’s not impossible for laminate flooring to get a sticky spot on it, such as wax and gum. For that reason, the right way laminate flooring cleaning method you can do when facing this problem is by using plastic scrapper. You can try for a plastic ruler or even any plastic card, like the credit card material. And also, don’t use a sharp object like a knife to remove the sticky spot object, because one wrong move may cost you new flooring.

7. Polish Remover for Tough Spots

The other kinds of spots that often happen in the house like oil, marker, paint, and the other, you can use the polish remover. To do the laminate flooring cleaning is by putting a small amount of polish remover on a cotton cloth then use to wipe the spots. Once finish, wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

The easier laminate flooring cleaning is to do it on a day to day basis. The reason is that you wouldn’t get many dirt and dust to clean. Not to mention, cleaning a cloud of heavy dust and dirt may damage the laminate flooring. And also, even it not mentioned in the list above, but don’t steam clean the laminate flooring.

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