How To Install 14mm Laminate Flooring At Home

How To Install 14mm Laminate Flooring At Home
How To Install 14mm Laminate Flooring At Home

Laminate flooring comes to various style and color. It also has several different sizes. One of the favorite sizes is 14mm laminate flooring. This size is more flexible because not too wide and easy to use. 14mm laminate flooring is suitable for any rooms at the house or another building. Here are some steps to do while installing this 14mm laminate flooring.

1. Measure The Room

The first thing to do is to measure the room. Grab the measuring tape and measure the length and width of the room. 14mm laminate flooring can use for a small or wide room. The length and wide will tell homeowners how many boards they need to cover those room.

2. Decide Installing Style

The next things to do is deciding the installing style. This 14mm laminate flooring can apply to some style. For example a classic row of the wooden floor room. Or you can do the zigzag or arrow style to make the rooms more dynamic.

Besides that, 14mm laminate flooring can also be a statement for a room. The owner can install it as a little spot at the floor. For example, make the black one as a line between the white tile. Or use the brown color for a statement between the colorful ceramic tile.

3. Count The Boards Needed

After deciding the installing style and design, count the boards needed. Each 14mm laminate flooring packet usually consists of some boards. Read carefully on the packages to know how much board inside the pack.

Since the cost is cheap it’s not a big deal to buy more than one packages. If there are leftovers that are not installed, the homeowner can be creative and place this 14mm laminate flooring leftover to another part of the house. Maybe to give a statement on the wall, or something else.

4. Choose The Pattern

14mm laminate flooring has a various pattern. Homeowners can choose a wooden or stone pattern. Each style of the house needs a different pattern. So, adjust to the model and design of the house.

For example, a classic Japanese house style, use the wooden pattern. Oak wooden pattern is may be suitable for rustic house style. Then, If the house is minimalism or classic style, you can choose a marble pattern. After deciding the pattern the next step is choosing the right color of 14mm laminate flooring.

5. Choose The Color

People can be so creative with this 14mm laminate flooring. It also comes to a different color. For example classic white for a chic house. Brown for more wooden feel. And black for a more bold look in the floor.

The homeowner can create some innovation by using a different color for a room too. The combination of black and white 14mm laminate flooring will give a beautiful and unique look for the room. Different color also can use to separate two different room if the house concept is open space.

6. Install This 14mm Laminate Flooring

The last step is installing the 14mm laminate flooring. The installment method is easy. Simply use the flooring and stick it to the floor. Some brands make it easy with the protrusion on the edge of the board. So the homeowners or worker just need to place it like placing some puzzle.

It will stick to each other without a gap. Those steps are so easy to do. Every people can buy this 14mm laminate flooring with the best price at an online or offline store. Use the best pattern and color that match to the room, to make the room look elegant. Or be creative and unique with the different chosen color.

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